Upminster Minor B ‘v’ Wanstead Minor – 29/3/22

Last night our Minor League B side welcomed an experienced Wanstead team for a Minor League fixture.

On board one Simeon played David Smith - a very experienced campaigner (as a few of us can testify over the years). Dave played his normal Pirc set up. Simeon fell a little behind on the clock but battled well. Even though Dave had the advantage of two bishops vs two knights in the middlegame he was unable to overcome Simeon's spirited resistance. A good draw.

On board two the clock situation was reversed. Chris being 40 mins up. Queens came off early and rooks were exchanged on a central file. Eventually reaching a knight and pawn endgame. Chris allowed an exchange of knights that weakened his pawn structure. That allowed his opponent to create some pressure, but some counterattacking on the opposite side of the board resulted in a drawn position. Even with his opponent a pawn up - another battling draw.

Ray on board 3 was level out of the opening. He then worked up some nice threats against his opponent's weak pawns. Some resolute defence by his opponent however, allowed him to stay in the game. As pieces were exchanged, Ray found himself in an inferior rook and pawn ending. Ray lost a pawn and then the game.

On board four Michael injudiciously opened up the centre before completing his development. This resulted in his opponent having a strong extra central pawn, which after piece exchanges was able to advance and fork Michael’s rooks. Michael battled well given this early setback and attempted to create some complications on the king-side. But, ultimately the material deficit was decisive for Wanstead.


Congratulations to Wanstead on the victory, final result UpminsterMB 1 - 3 Wanstead M.


Click the link below for the game details:

Upminster MB v Wanstead M - game details

Two pictures below of the 4 boards in action last night - all players concentrating.


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