Upminster MB v Southend M – 21/11/2023

Yesterday our Minor league B team took on the unbeaten Southend team. The result was a 3.5-0.5 win for Upminster.

First to finish was Ray on board four who after an equal opening steadily gained material and converted his gains into our first win.

Daniel on board two was always equal and agreed a draw with neither player having an advantageous position.

Anthony on board 3 gained a piece in the opening held onto it in the middle game and duly converted his advantage into a win.

On board 1 Sergey's opponent played a sharp Smith-Morra gambit. So there were pawn sacrifices for initiative and rapid development.  Despite the material inequality it was fairly equal with  a slight advantage to Sergey but at one point his opponent could win if he found a clever tactic with a piece sacrifice! Luckily for Sergey - both didn't see it and then Sergey managed to win a piece that ended the game, to record our 3rd win of the evening to round off a very good team win.

More pictures from the night:

Boards 3 and 4
Boards 3 and 4, 2nd

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