Upminster MA vs Thurrock MA – 26/04/22

Upminster hosted Thurrock again last night, this time our Minor A team versus Thurrock's Minor A team.

It ended up as a 2 vs 2 draw. We think this may have been enough for the Upminster MA team to win the Minor league?

Dave's game was the first to finish, unfortunately Dave (with black) made an error gifting white the game.

Sasha (with white) was next to finish - an easy win with his opponent miscalculating exchanges and losing a piece. After that it was just converting a material advantage to a win. By the way - we learnt last night that Sasha has just been accepted to play for the England U11 team! A fantastic achievement - well done Sasha, and Sergey (Sasha's dad)!

Sergey's game (playing black) was similar to Sasha's: equal until Sergey made a threat of winning an exchange but his opponent decided to give a whole piece instead. After that it was a pretty straightforward conversion to a win. Interestingly the analysis showed that white had a brilliant counterplay winning the exchange back - but luckily for Sergey, his opponent didn't find it.

Matt was last to finish with white versus Jaden (these 2 played just a few weeks earlier, Thurrock vs Upminster II). Matt put up a better fight this time against Jaden, same line as a few weeks back (1.e4 versus a french defence) - but in the end Jaden's solid French defence was a bit too sharp for Matt again. Matt's defences eventually crumbling; forcing Matt to resign after move 58.




Above and below - A couple of pictures from the night.


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