Upminster MA v Thurrock MB – 13/02/24

Anthony's report:

Upminster Minor A 3-1 Thurrock Minor B.

Yet another game against Thurrock, but this time, we ran our overall winners, which was pleasing considering the recent struggle against their strong players.

Again, some high ability youth members represented them, and one managed to beat our youth member Adam in a tight rook and pawn ending that gave Thurrock a consolation point in the last game to finish.

John Hood won his game and was the first to finish.

Followed by me. I played Brendan, a strong upcoming young player with a lot of potential. He won our previous encounter, but my good knowledge of the Scandinavian variation made for a solid start, and I was slowly able to make some attacking threats. I decided leave castling for a while and then castle queenside, which made for an interesting game and led to me going up a piece. My queen was crucial in creating a double attack that would've won a rook. My opponent then resigned, but I didn't spot the rook when making that move, leaving me to wonder if I would've done.

In Daniel's game, on move 5, his opponent made a mistake of creating a weak pawn. In trying to defend it (after Daniel attacked it), his opponent blundered a skewer on move 10, which allowed Daniel to pick up a free rook. After that Daniel just traded everything off to a position where it was kings, pawns and his rook - which he then won.

Overall, a good night and we look forward to playing Thurrock again as always.

More pictures from the night:


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