Upminster III v Southend II – 09/04/2024

Geoff Cooper's (captain) report:

On Tuesday 9th April the third team played Southend 2nd team. In a closely fought match Southend won 3-2 with a draw in the final match.

First to finish was Geoff who was a pawn up after the opening but then miscalculated twice. The first miscalculation meant that the pawn advantage was lost the second miscalculation lost a piece. This proved too much and the match was lost.

Daniel on board played solidly and agreed a draw with the position equal.

Anthony on board 5 then won. He gained a pawn early on and then a second pawn later. This proved to be too much for his opponent and he won comfortably in the end.

Rasike on board 1lost a piece for a pawn early on but rallied and had a fighting chance. Both queened pawns but Rasike’s opponent had an extra pawn which when the queens were swapped off won him the game.

This left the score 2.5-1.5 to Southend. In the final game Peter on board 2 had a worse position early on then his opponent got into time trouble and to swap off pieces. Under time pressure for both players a draw was agreed and so the match was lost 3-2.

More pictures from the night:

Rasike v Josh
Dan and Pete

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