Upminster III v Ilford II – 02/04/2024

Geoff Cooper's report (captain):

On Tuesday 2nd April the 3rd team played their return match against Ilford 2 team. Eight days earlier we had beaten them 3.5-1.5 but this time the tables were turned with Ilford 2nd team winning 4.5-0.5.

First to finish was Rasike on board 1.  He decided not to castle and then lost an early pawn. He was unable to connect his rooks and other minor pieces were also unconnected. These two factors along with the material loss led to an early defeat.

Next to finish was Daniel on board 4 who was level well into the middle game and a draw was agreed.

Peter on board 3 lost a pawn early in the middle game and was unable to recover. Towards the end Peter’s opponent had three passed pawns, one of which went on to queen. This left Peter a queen to a rook down. Soon afterwards Peter resigned.

On board 5 Ian had a better position early on but then his opponent (Ken Jardine) slowly improved his position so that when Ian went into the endgame with a rook v bishop down - unsurprisingly Ken's rook went on to win. 

This meant the match was already lost so Sergey on board 2 went on the attack. In a winning position but short on time he misjudged his opponent’s counter attack  which proved decisive and so he too lost.

So we lost the match 4.5-0.5. Our next match is another home match against Southend where we hope for a better result.

More pictures from the night:

Dan and Pete
Sergey 2

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