Upminster II v Witham – 12/12/2023

Sergey's (captain) report:

Upminster II 1.5 - 4.5 Witham

Last night we played Witham and unfortunately lost. 

We were missing a few of our strong players due to illnesses and were outgraded on every board. 

Despite that everyone was trying hard and had good games.

Our top boards finished first with loses: Les faced an opponent he played 20 years ago in a tournament and chose to play a rare side line in his favourite opening. Unfortunately the opponent knew it fairly well and played very accurately. 

Rasike had a good game but unfortunately blundered a rook at one point losing the game.

My game was very sharp and tactical and after making a few mistakes in the opening I got a totally lost position. Thankfully at that point my opponent made a mistake allowing me to trade queens and win 2 pawns. Then it was just a careful converting the advantage to a win for me.

Nick faced a tactical opponent as well who sacrificed a knight early in the game. After playing for a while they agreed to draw. Well done Nick drawing an opponent rated 100 points higher!

Last to finish were Daniel and Ian. Daniel got a bit worse position out of the opening and later got under an overwhelming attack resulting in a lost game.

Ian had a very complex game with his opponent rated 240 points above!

My understanding is it was fairly equal but tricky and Ian eventually lost. They had a good game analysis together with the opponent, so great learning experience nevertheless! 


Well done everyone for challenging yourself. 

Have great holidays, merry Christmas and Happy New year! 

More pictures from the night:

boards 1 and 2
Ian and Daniel

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