Upminster I v Wanstead I – 31/1/2023


Les Crane's (Captain) report:


Last night Wanstead 1 were quite a bit weaker than usual. But they still outgraded us on virtually every board. Their team average was 1914 and ours was 1810.

Good results from Andy, Martin and John all 3 drawing.

Sasha had a heavy task in playing black against Terry Whitton. He was well behind on the clock but played well to reverse the situation. Terry was now the one looking worried and shortly after a draw was agreed. Well done Sasha.

I had the advantage out of the opening but Ian took a great deal of time over the next 12 moves. He was well behind on time but ultimately he found a way to make it very difficult for me. I missed the correct line and was now in difficulty. Ultimately I blundered and he ended up winning with less than 5 mins on the clock.

Aidan’s game was good but I only saw the end where he was behind on the clock and lost a difficult ending.

Nick lost also but I didn’t see so much of that game.

Sergey was material down in a rook and pawn ending but managed to draw it. So good play by him.


We lost 5½ - 2½


Thanks for playing!

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