Upminster I v Loughton I – 21/11/2023

Les Crane's report (captain):

We won 7 to 1. A good night for Upminster I.

Unusually we outgraded our opponents last night. They even failed to bring 8 players and another somehow failed to arrive. Shame that Scott didn’t get a game.

They seem to currently have some problems with their stronger players turning out. However we must not assume that this will always be the case.

Upshot of the match was mostly good. Andy won although I understand he felt he hadn’t played very well. I completely wrong footed my opponent in the opening and he had a bad position and was well behind on the clock. Unfortunately I let this go to my head a bit and played a move but as I moved I realised it was a mistake and I was not that much better after that. My opponent played much better than his grade implied but he ran very short of time and I won on time in the end.

Rob drew against their captain and Sasha won his game.

John apparently turned down a draw but threw away his advantage in time trouble and drew in the end with bare kings.

Martin’s game was very interesting when I was looking both he and his opponent had a passed pawn on the seventh with rooks but Martin concluded it was drawn and offered a draw which was refused but very quickly his opponent had made a mistake and resigned.

Another picture from the night:


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