Thurrock MB v Upminster MB – 10/04/2024

Anthony's report:

Upminster Minor B team travelled to Thurrock knowing both teams needed to win to give themselves a chance of winning the league.

Chris was first to finish - I saw he had a queen vs their rook and he went towards checkmate with queen and pawns so comfortable. Chris won on board 4.

Peter was next to finish on board 1, he had a tough game and was an exchange down, battled on until he resigned.

Ray finished just after I offered the draw to my opponent. I didn't see much of his game but he resigned where the opponents knight forked king and rook. Unsure if this was that Ray didn't see it or if his opponent could force it.

I then finished on board 2 - my opponent struggled with a Scandinavian start. I had a strong attack, but he thwarted it well. Queens were exchanged, his king came out but my pieces were better placed. Reached king vs 5 pawns each endgame, he created a passed pawn but I had counter with 3 v 2 pawns, though his king could get there. Draw agreed - I was last to finish.

Which meant Thurrock won 2.5-1.5

So Thurrock kept their title hopes alive, and both Upminster Minor teams now look forward to next season, with 1 game each left to play.

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