Southend I v Upminster II – 19/04/2024

Sergey's (captain) report:

We lost 4.5-1.5 but put up a good fight despite being hugely outgraded on almost every board. 

Anthony was first to finish losing his game, from his words : "I seemed to be doing well first 10 moves, then I tried something and lost my advantage, then lost my queen and that was it." 

I finished next with a draw - the opponent played a line I didn't know, but was able to navigate to a good position. In the end I make a mistake that ruined my pawn structure but left me with a passed pawn. There was a lot of counterplay from my opponent targeting the numerous weaknesses i had and I had 30 minutes less on the clock, so a draw was agreed. 

Peter had a fantastic win creating connected passed pawns, extra material and the opponent in a huge time trouble playing on increment - very well done!

Matt played a very experienced and tricky player graded 400 points above him. Despite that Matt got a huge advantage in the middle game (-2) but the position was very complex. In the end the opponent playing in time trouble made a mistake allowing Matt to activate his knight and create forking opportunities. Unfortunately Matt (also now low on time) fell into a trap taking a pawn allowing his opponent to bring the rooks with checks, escaping the fork and taking too much material. 

Rasike was equal for most of the game but ran out of time in a complex position. Good game vs someone graded 200 points above him!

Les lost on board 1 vs a much higher graded opponent as well, I saw he was a pawn down but was fighting well. 

More pictures from the night:

Matt 1
Les 2
Rasike 2
Peter 2
Les arrives
Matt again

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