Loughton I v Upminster I – 03/05/2023

Les Crane's (captain) report for the away match to Loughton I (4.5) v Upminster I (3.5). Unfortunately we narrowly lost:

Firstly Martin and Scott were unable to play this date due to other clashes. Nick Pelling had to pull out on the day before due to ill health but luckily Mustapha was available to step in.

My opponent had white but played a very quiet Reti opening. I offered a draw as nothing was likely to result in a decisive result. Partly I had forgotten the line which I found which gives chances of an attack with Black.

Andy had a good game but after some time it resulted in a draw as did Mustapha’s where he was doing all he could to win but his opponent defended well.

Sergey won his game after being a piece up and the ending was won.

Peter had a very hairy game which resulted in a win for his opponent.

This left Aidan John and Sasha playing to endings.

Sasha won magnificently (see teh game below), but unfortunately Aidan and John both lost on time in what appeared to be slightly difficult positions.

Basically it was Pereslavtsev’s day!!

More pictures from the night:


Sasha's win:

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