Barking III v Upminster III – 14/12/2023

Geoff Cooper's (captain) report:

Our third match of the season was against the league leaders Barking. Despite being outgraded on 4 boards we won 3.5-1.5.

First to finish was Geoff on board 2 who agreed a draw in a very blocked position.

Ian on board 3 was next to finish winning his game. Playing a queens pawn opening he castled kingside whilst his opponent castled queenside. Ian took control of the centre and created a queen bishop battery. In time this led to his opponent losing his queen for a bishop due to a skewer tactic on his king. Ian’s opponent resigned at this point.

Next to finish was Sergey on board 1 who had a good position after the opening but attacked too soon and unfortunately ended up losing.

On board 4 Daniel gained a pawn early on and then gained a piece. In a queen and bishop v a queen ending he swapped off queens and gained another pawn and went on to win.

Last to finish was John on board 5 who won a pawn early on, and then won the exchange. His opponent defended carefully but this advantage proved too much and John had a winning position when his opponent ran out of time.

More pictures from the night:

Before the storm
Daniel winning

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