Barking II v Upminster II – 15/02/24

Sergey's report (captain):

Good night for Upminster II playing at Barking, yet again we were outgraded on every single board, but managed to win 3.5 - 2.5!

First to finish was Les with a quick grandmaster draw soon after the opening.

Later on Aidan won, beating Ken on board 2 - very well done!

Rasike played a talented junior on board 3 and had a sharp game where his opponent delayed with castling allowing the attack.
This resulted in a 2nd win for us - excellent play from Rasike - our uprising star!

Soon after that Daniel lost his game againt Barking captain - a very experienced opponent.
He was a pawn down from the opening, however managed to get to a bishops endgame that looked potentially drawish.
Unfortunately John managed to push his pawns too far and it didn't work in Daniel's favour.

Mustapha tried very hard playing an opponent graded 150 points above him, but unfortunately lost being a piece down. Fantastic effort nevertheless.

My game was the last to finish and was the deciding one.
It was fairly equal (except one moment where I had a forced win, but didn't notice - Rasike showed me after the game).
It felt like I had a good initiative though, but was behind in piece development.
Thankfully my opponent spent a lot of time thinking early in the game which got him into time trouble in the end - resulting in a win for me and for the team!

More pictures from the night:


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