Upminster Chess Club has a Safeguarding Policy which will apply to all members and visitors to the club when undertaking Club activities. The policy is in accordance with the English Chess Federation’s Safeguarding Children Policy Guidelines (see link below), which are available for viewing on the Federation’s website.

Upminster Chess Club Safeguarding Policy

1. Upminster Chess Club (hereinafter the ‘Club’) has decided to adopt a safeguarding policy. This will apply to all members of, and visitors to, the club when undertaking Club activities. A child in this context is deemed to be anyone less than sixteen years of age. The normal venue of the Club is, St Laurence Church Minor Hall, Corbets Tey Road, Upminster. 

2. The Club welcomes to its Tuesday evening sessions junior players who already play Chess to a reasonable standard. It also allows juniors of an appropriate level to participate in inter-club matches. There is no formal teaching of chess within the club. The purpose of this policy is to safeguard the welfare of children attending the Club by protecting them from physical, sexual and emotional harm.

3. A copy of the policy will be posted on the Upminster Chess Club Website.

4. It is the duty of everyone in the club to pass on any concerns or allegations of child abuse or neglect without delay to the Club Secretary who will investigate the concerns raised in accordance with ECF guidance. 

5. All parents or guardians will be required to escort their children into the Club premises at the start of each session and to remain on site to supervise their children. 

6. The Club also welcomes child players to participate in inter-club matches away from the Club venue. All parents or guardians will be required to accompany their child to away matches and to remain at the away team’s Club premises throughout the duration of the match or to provide written permission for the child to travel unaccompanied with other team members using travel arrangements made by the team captains and the itinerary conveyed to the parent or guardian in good time.

7. This policy will be reviewed and updated from time to time in line with experience and best practice in the area of safeguarding . 

John Davenport (Club Secretary) October 2018